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Youth Advocates Strengthen Family Bonds with Social Distancing Photo Challenge

YAP Advocate Nick and is twins, Angel and Faith

Chemung County YAP Assistant Director Gloria with her partner

Chemung County YAP Advocate Chasity and program participant, Nathalia, and her sisters modeling social distancing

YAP Advocate Sophia with son, Brayden

YAP Advocate Brooklyn with program partiicipant Angela...and her sister Mallory

YAP program participant Antwon keeping his safe distance during a visit with his grandmother while video chatting with his Advocate, Mitchell

Chemung County YAP Program Director Caitlin's cat breaking the social distancing rules

Chemung County YAP Assistnat Manager Gloria and Administrative Manager Frankie keeping it soically distant in the office

Chemung County YAP Assistnat Manager Gloria and Administrative Manager Frankie keeping it fun and soically distant in the office

YAP program participant Kyree and his mom during a video chat with Advocate, Chasity

YAP Advocate Nick and is twins, Angel and Faith

Program participant Andrew sending his dad off to work .... You're in good hands, Dad.

YAP program participant Trista and Advocate Sandra -- hiking while safely distancing

Program participant Leivi -- on a socially distanced visit with his Advocate, Mitchell

YAP program participant Xavier and his pet fish

YAP Program Director Caitlin with YAP Advocate Sandra -- safely distanced effectiveness

YAP Advocate Nick with program participant, Maurice

Welcome to a virtual photo exhibit featuring Chemung County, NY Youth Advocate Programs (YAP), Inc.’s program participants, families and staff. Partnering with social services, Chemung County YAP works with youth who are at risk of being in out-of-home placement and helps reunify others when they return home.

“The photos show how we’re promoting social distancing, leading by example in our own community — and even through the pandemic — still delivering services,” said Gloria, Chemung County YAP assistant director.

YAP Advocates help young people identify their gifts and talents and connect them to tools to positively pursue their goals. The Advocates, who are mostly neighborhood-based, also empower program participants’ parents and guardians with individualized tools they need to firm their foundation. They do this by meeting youth and families where they are. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, services are now almost exclusively virtual. The photo challenge became a tool everyone could creatively customize.

“We’re most successful when we’re engaging youth and families in activities. Our biggest challenge with video teleconferencing was finding ways to keep everyone engaged,” said Caitlin, Chemung County YAP program director. “This photo challenge gave everyone something fun to do while teaching the importance of social responsibility through social distancing. I’m amazed and proud of my team.”

The Chemung YAP team gathered the photos over the past several weeks.

“They show our dedication to our community’s health efforts.,” Gloria said. “With the help of our program participants, their families and ours, we demonstrated the importance of leading by example.”


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