Challenge Opens Opportunity for Young Artist

    Kiara, a 15-year-old Lebanon County, PA high school student, begins her sophomore semester with a new appreciation for her passion, gifts and talents. She’s a participant in Lebanon County Youth Advocate Programs (YAP), Inc., a community-based alternative to out-of-home congregate youth placements.

    Receiving support virtually amid the COVID-19 pandemic instead of in-person gave Kiara an opportunity to focus on something she’s always enjoyed — art — and to use it to channel her passion for justice. Kiara’s mobile therapist Meghan Sidelnick encouraged her to submit her work to an exhibition presented by Abilities in Motion in partnership with Goggleworks highlighting cultually diverse artists with disabilities. When the show accepted one of her pieces, Kiara began to realize and appreciate the value of both her passion and her talent.

    Meet Kiara and Meghan in the short video in this post.